We are so excited to be gathering for worship again! We now have TWO Sunday service options: 10am in our parking lot or 6pm in our sanctuary (same service, different times). We encourage you to arrive early so we can get everyone seated prior to service starting. We also encourage everyone to register so we can ensure adequate seating. Registration is simple and takes just a couple seconds.You can register yourself and your family by clicking here. 

You can watch the 6pm service online by clicking on one of the following links: our website, our Facebook page, and YouTube

Things may be a little different right now, but as a church we will continue to move forward because our God is still alive and active in our lives and in the world.

WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS!  Be strong and courageous, and know that God is with us.  I believe that the Church (not just The Bridge) can come out of this stronger and healthier as we seek God and adapt to other effective ways to love and serve our community and give glory to God! 

Please share any Prayer Requests or Needs in the form below. We love you, and we pray for you!  Please pray for our government leaders, healthcare workers, and community!  They need our prayers, support, and encouragement.