Whether you've joined us in person before or have landed on our website just to see what we're about, we're glad you found us! We do church a little differently, and we want you to feel right at home when you join us! Let us take a moment to tell you about what you can expect when you visit The Bridge. 

Dress Code? what's that?

Come as you are. We mean it! Are you a dress-up-for-church kinda person? Come on! Are you a jeans and a tee kinda person? Bring it! We've literally never even seen our pastor in a tie. There are rumors that he wore one at his wedding, but we've yet to see the pictures for proof! We come to church to worship together, and that is not dependent upon style!


At The Bridge, we love to worship, and one of the ways we do that is with music. Our worship music is a contemporary style with a full band. Whether you raise your hands or clap 'em (or neither), we're confident you'll meet the Spirit in our service. 

Is Coffee a Core value?

Ok. So coffee may not be a "core value," but we love it, and we know many of you do, too! Our coffee cafe, Grounded in Grace, offers delicious coffees and teas on Sunday mornings free-of-charge. It's some of the best coffee you'll ever drink, and it's coffee with a purpose! Our coffee comes from Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Company, which invests in coffee farming villages to provide living wages, education,

healthcare, and clean water. "Drink Coffee. Do Good."

What's up with the tables?

Some of us asked this very question when they first appeared, but ya know what? We love 'em! At The Bridge, we believe that life is meant to be done together. Church is not a place for us to come, be preached at, and then leave. Our faith is lived out daily, and our worship services are a time when we can pour into one another and fellowship as a community. We've found that fellowship takes place much easier around a table than it does down a pew, and for that reason, you'll find chairs around tables rather than in rows when you come to The Bridge. We're looking forward to worshiping with you. We'll save a seat for ya!